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Brunitec is a known registered trademark of technical solutions and designed products for Environment and Safety in material handling, etc.Brunitec is a business area in Brunius Scandinavia AB.

As engineers, we are genuinely interested and engaged in finding solutions. Whether the plant is to be constructed, to be rebuilt or upgraded, there are areas where standard techniques are insufficient. It may be old or new, or a specific area related to environmental or safety requirements. Brunitec has been around since the early 90s and has extensive experience in Maintenance & Operational Safety.

If you are planning on rebuilding, upgrading or improving Brunitec is the right partner for you. We are happy to participate as your support in planning, installation management, procurement as well as evaluation and inspection.

Product Gallery

Fire trap for fire sectioning with extinguishing zone

Brunitec Fire Trap

Brunitec Fire Trap

Brunitec Fire trap with extinguishing zone

Brunitec dust enclosure with filter

Brunitec flexible dust enclosure with filter

Brunitec flexible dust enclosure open for service

Brunitec Transfer shute enclosure

Brunitec local dust filter

Brunitec local dust filter series connected

Brunitec utläggnings transpotör på pelletslada

Filter heads

Filter housing with socks

Installing air cannon on chip silo

Air cannon on chip silo

Mounting air cannon on chip silo

Spillage conveyor under conveyor belt

Sealing flexible dust enclosure

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